Test and Grow Book Cover

A practical step-by-step guide that shows you how to develop a business idea people will love

Go to market and go to investors, knowing your idea has what it takes to succeed.


What you'll learn

Complex ideas distilled into a practical step-by-step guide that shows you how to develop a business idea people will love by working with potential customers.

Customer models

Chapter 1. Customer models

How to develop Customer Models that accurately describe your target market.

Develop value propositions

Chapter 3. Develop value propositions

How to develop value propositions that convert prospects into paying customers.

Develop value propositions

Chapter 5. Develop a financial model

How to use research to build a robust financial model for your business.

Customer validation

Chapter 2. Customer validation

How to research what customers want and what they don't.

Test value propositions

Chapter 4. Test value propositions

How to realistically test value propositions with potential customers using the same metrics you'll use to run your business.

Test value propositions

Chapter 6. Make go / no-go decision

How to a make data-driven decision to invest time, money and effort in a new idea or to iterate.

A guide for anyone with an idea



Just starting out? Gather the confidence and evidence you need to proceed with development and pitch to investors.


Small businesses

Have an idea for a new service or product line, but don't have a full-time research and innovation team? Learn how to build out an initial idea before investing capital.



Learn how to implement accurate, cost effective alternatives to traditional concept testing practices.

Richard Shaw

Hello from the author

I'm Richard; I've been lucky enough to help plenty of businesses you've heard of launch new products. Brands like American Express, Unicef, and Kraft - there's a good chance you have a product in your home that I've helped launch. I've learned a lot working with businesses you've never heard of. But most importantly, I wrote this handbook for the businesses you are going to hear about in the future - for people like you.

I believe that the customers make or break a business, and this handbook shows you step by step how to develop test and grow an idea with potential customers.

This really helped us make a decision on how to proceed with our product in a very short time. If we'd done this by ourselves, we wouldn't know where to start.

Vick Ram, Entrepreneur

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Test and Grow Book Cover

  • How to develop Customer Models
  • Customer validation
  • How to build Value Propositions
  • Value Proposition testing
  • How to build a financial model
  • Making a go/no-decision
  • Customer Model canvas
  • Value Proposition canvas
  • Financial model template
  • Experiment tracker template
  • Keep, remove, add worksheet
  • Customer interview tracker
  • Value Proposition scoring sheet


Test and Grow Book Cover - Expanded Edition

Everything that comes with the Core package

  • How to generate disruptive product ideas
  • How find a new business idea that is right for you
  • How to test price points
  • How to build an app prototype with POP
  • How to write persuasive product descriptions
  • How to quick answers to big questions with desk research
  • Common Value Proposition mistakes and how to avoid them