Better sampling

Sampling is the process whereby you choose who will take part in your research. How you sample potential customers has a profound impact on the validity of your study.

Traditional Sampling

The traditional way of validating new ideas is to conduct a type of survey called a concept test. Unless you have access to an extensive list of existing customers, you would typically use a service like Toluna or Cint to recruit participants for your survey. These services then pay people to complete your survey. Paying people to take part in a survey is a problem when it comes to trying to predict if your idea will succeed when launched.

Paid survey participants aren't answering your survey questions because they're interested in your idea, they are providing answers because they are rewarded to do so - you need people to pay you for your idea, not the other way round.

Traditional Sampling

At Seedling, we find potential customers by running advertising, just like you will do when launching your idea for real. This approach makes sure the people viewing your idea are potential customers who are interested in products like yours.

Because Seedling measures people's behavior, how they interact with a web page, rather than paying for opinions, we're able to provide a cleaner read on how potential customers react to a new idea.