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Better customer research for new ideas

Our smart, simple idea testing app shows you what response to expect from potential customers when you launch your idea.

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Launch something people love by testing your ideas before you build.


Better sampling

Better sampling

Don't pay people to fill out a survey or sit in a scripted interview.

Observe how real people react to your idea is a realistic setting.

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Better measurement

Better measurement

Don't collect opinions; everyone's got one, and they don't predict future behavior.

Measure people's actual behavior in real-time.

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Better reporting

Better reporting

Clear, transparent reporting using business metrics you actually use like click-thru-rate and cost per sign-up.

Oh, and we benchmark all the ideas we test so you can easily see how your idea stacks up.

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How the tests work

Tell us a little about your new idea

1. Tell us a little about your new idea

Describe what problem your idea solves, how it works and why it's the best solution.

And a bit about your customers

2. And a bit about your customers

Tell us where your customer's live and what they are searching for online when looking for products like yours.

Build your idea a web page

3. Build your idea a web page

Based on the information you provide we create a simple web page known as a concept page.

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Find potential customers

4. Find potential customers

We create a small advertising campaign with Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL to bring potential customers to your page.

Measure behavior

5. Measure behavior

We measure how people interact with your idea online. What they click on, how long they interact with your idea, whether they request more information and more.

View report

6. View report

Clear results in plain English along with all of the raw data from your test available online.

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Better customer research for anyone with an idea



Our research gathers the evidence you need to proceed with development or pitch to investors.

How Seedling helps startups


Small businesses

Established but don't have a customer insight department? Seedling provides enterprise quality research without needing to hire staff or an agency.

How Seedling helps SME's



Seedling helps corporations make data-driven decisions on innovation, by giving everyone within the organization access to pragmatic innovation research.

How Seedling helps corporations

This really helped us make a decision on how to proceed with our product in a very short time. If we'd done this by ourselves, we wouldn't know where to start.

Vick Ram, Entrepreneur

Straightforward, transparent pricing

Create experiments for free, $3 per customer we find and collect data from.

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Find out how potential customers react to your idea

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Create experiments for free, $3 per customer we find and collect data from.