About us

Seedling is built by Bainsley. A company that builds tools that help people understand the world around them.

Why we built Seedling

Ideas are fragile things. They’re easily dismissed as fanciful, squashed by the loudest voice in the meeting room or simply ignored. We felt before ideas go out into the world they need a safe space to grow, a place to get stronger; a greenhouse or dojo of sorts.

We felt any greenhouse we built shouldn’t be holiday park, an incubator that gives ideas a pat on the back and sends them on their way filled with false assurances. To become stronger ideas need to be poked, prodded, stretched and built up in an environment as close to reality as possible - and that didn’t exist, so we built it.

Seedling is a tool to realistically test iterations of ideas before launching, but more importantly, it’s a place where fragile ideas grow into big ideas.

Richard Shaw - Founder

Launch something people will love, start experimenting